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What is Sound Check & why does it matter?

We're often asked about sound check - it's a mystifying subject for a lot of people, so we've put together this guide to help you understand the very necessary art of the sound check & why it's to important for you.

What happens at sound check:

Engineer sets up microphones, speakers etc

Engineer rings out the PA

Engineer optimises the PA to the room

Musicians play a short song

The engineer adjusts the musician's in-ear monitors to allow them to hear themselves optimally

Musicians play another short song

The engineer adjusts the musician's in-ear monitors again

Musicians play another short song or two while the engineer makes sure the sound coming out of the speakers (front of house) is the world class experience you deserve

What sound check is: Our time to make sure everything runs smoothly - think of it as the baking before eating the cake

What sound check isn't: An opportunity for musicians to mess around


Something to rush or skip if time is running low


Avoids squealing microphone feedback during your event

The best possible sound for you & your guests

Confident musicians who can hear themselves well, so can give you their best performance


Sound check is noisy, so it's best to plan at least 1 hour when your guests will be away from the party room so that the engineer & band can get this important work done smoothly to let us make everything perfect for your shindig.


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