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Next Level Music is led by husband & wife Tim & Lauren - that's us in the photos - Hi!

We've been providing music for weddings & events for over a decade, from thrifty weddings to international luxury events - we have a wealth of experience in our field. 

We're so confident in our roster of musicians & DJs that we booked them for our own wedding! How's that for a testimonial? 


We've had so many comments from people about the atmosphere at our wedding - the feeling of love and warmth was tangible! 


We really wanted to get away from the "cookie cutter" weddings we've seen so many of, having the day packed with live music made it so very special for us. 


We're inspired.


We want to bring our clients the same magical feelings of love, excitement, warmth and celebration that we had on our wonderful wedding day. 

We want to take your big day to the next level,

To be the one everyone talks about for

years to come - just like ours!

Scroll down to see our wedding!

wedding celebration next level music ban


Tim Reynolds:


Flash back to 2009... I was a working drummer &  producer in the south of England, enjoying my work with several bands, playing festivals, weddings, events etc in the uk and around the world.

I noticed that a lot of bands had similar, predictable set lists and I wondered if there was room in the market for something different - more focused on the music I felt was relevant to my generation.


So I started an acoustic duo - which became hugely popular at barn weddings, bars and clubs.

The duo soon became a trio - still the only trio we've found that plays gangster's paradise!

As the trio became busier and busier, I started to miss the horns, keyboards, percussion, and especially the multiple singers in larger bands. These elements give you so much more musical freedom than you have in a trio. 


Fast forward to 2015:

I was a guest at a fellow musician's wedding, when I happened to meet vocalist Lauren Johnson. We fell for each other almost instantly, and began working together soon afterwards.


Lauren mixed in different circles to me, so when I explained my longing for a large band we were quickly able to pool our resources and put together something really special. 

Taking everything I had learnt from my time in the trio & Lauren's eye for high end, luxury events, we had ambitions to create a high end, high energy, interactive party experience...

The Next Level Show Band was born.

NLM - preeti + rahul - edit 10.jpg

The Next Level Show Band has gone from strength to strength, playing at luxury events across the globe - boasting an ever growing roster of incredible vocalists and musicians and an increasingly full schedule.

With the Next Level Show Band as the flagship act, the roster of incredible musicians & DJs is growing all the time.

Next Level Music now provides our world class show band & DJs, as well as soloists and a String Quartet, aiming to be a one-stop shop for anyone in need of exceptionally entertaining live music & DJs for their events.

next level music wedding lauren tim.jpg

We hope you enjoy these videos of our wedding as much as we do. 

We (mostly Lauren, let's be honest!) planned our wedding without a spreadsheet, focusing on what would make the day fun for our guests, memorable and personal to us.


Here's what happened...

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