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5 ways to make your wedding better than everyone else’s

When it comes to throwing a wedding party, nobody wants a snooze-fest. We all know that some weddings are fun and some just bore the guests to tears, so which one is it going to be for you? Do you want your wedding to be the most awesome and me morable, and that too, while staying in the budget? Yep, that’s possible. We have some secrets to add a little sugar and spice to the celebration of your eternal bond. Keep a surprise element Your guests know about your usual events and ceremonies, but the thing that will catch their attention is a little element of surprise. Plan something that they wouldn’t expect to see in a usual wedding, for example, you can include a dancing lesson, or have a wine tasting session. And if you don’t think your guests would be up for a training or wine tasting event, you can surprise them by starting your dance slow and then suddenly turn it into a fast group dance – kind of like a flash mob. This will take your guests by surprise and they will love this part. Have a pre-wedding field day Just before the wedding, you can have a field day – with the bride and groom, and their friends. That group can have fun and play field games such as paintball, go-karting, and water balloon tossing. These games will ensure a lot of fun and it will help you know each other’s friends even more. Music all the way So you’re excited to spend the rest of your lives with each other, and you’ve already planned a wedding that will be shared by your friends on Pinterest, but when the evening draws closer, you know what you want the most – dancing through the night with your family and friends. And this is why it’s very important to have the right kind of music at the reception, as it will set the mood and add fun to your wedding. The best kind of music is live music that will set the feet tapping, and excite more people as they get motivated to dance. One great idea is to get live musicians for the cocktail hour and then let the DJ take over the night as the evening moves to dinner time and dances. Have plenty of entertainment Most weddings have dance as the only source of entertainment and for your wedding to stand out, make sure you do something extra. You can have some games on each table along with lawn games so that your guests can stay busy and happy. Instead of boring old napkins, try word search napkins that will keep the guests entertained as they try to find words. And when it comes to dance, your DJ should know how to make everyone get up and dance with the right music that has the right buzz. Keep it short While your family and close friends want to stay with you throughout the wedding, others wouldn’t want to spend their entire day on the celebrations, so make sure that the actual proceedings don’t take much time. On an average, about 20-30 minutes would be the right time to keep everyone hooked and once that’s done, they can proceed to the fun part! Try whacky ideas Why set an age limit for the flower girls? Try the grandmas from both sides to play flower girls at the wedding. When grandmas walk down the aisle tossing flower petals, it will be an unforgettable and a cute way to celebrate your wedding, and the best part is, it will make the grannies feel more connected to you! There are other crazy ideas as well. Print out some fun facts about the couple and post them all over the place. Some more ideas… Bouquet on the way Give a flower to each guest sitting near the isle, and as the bride walks down, she can collect them all and build a bouquet as she reaches the altar. Or you can give a flower to each guest as they enter the venue, and when the bride walks down, she can stop and collect the flower from the guests sitting near the isle. Fruity Centerpieces When it comes to wedding favors, you can offer fruit bouquets that can also be placed as centerpieces during the wedding. They can be a healthy addition to the traditional cake, and can make guests with restricted diets happy. Who said weddings have to be completely traditional and predictable? Make sure you combine a surprise element with the tradition to have a wedding that your guests will remember for many years to come. #weddingbands #better #everyone #surprise #waterballoons #fieldgames #gokarting #paintball #DJs #Granny #flowergirls #funfacts #nextlevelmusic #nextlevelallstars #crocodiledonedeal

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