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Welcome to our blog — here you'll find testimonials, helpful articles, news about the band and what we've been up to, frequently asked questions (FAQs) and much more!

Our aim is to invite you in to our world, to get to know us, how we work and what we're about. You'll see us performing at luxury weddings, corporate events and destination weddings around the world in our blog posts.

We hope you enjoy the Next Level Music Blog.

Top 5 Worst Mistakes Wedding Planners Make

- No Master of Ceremonies/Compare/Leader The last thing any couple wants on their wedding day is to be in charge of everything all day, herding their guests from room to room, carting luggage, pushchairs and cameras around. GET AN MC! (No, not the rapping kind, although there are some fantastic rappers in Next Level Music's bands!) A good master of ceremonies will take charge of your schedule and make your day run smoothly and enjoyably.

This person should be someone other than your wedding planner - they have enough on their plate! - Dead Time So, you've had your ceremony, the photos have been taken, but it's only 2pm and your meal is at 6pm! How will you entertain your guests until then? We have some suggestions:

- Lawn games - Snacks & Appetisers - Drinks - Magicians - A small musical ensemble or soloist - Caricaturist - A Comedian - Guestbook

- Photobooth

- Video guestbook - Booking the wrong band The golden rule here is: Know your audience. Granted, it's your wedding, but if you're both into heavy metal and your guests like pop music, the dancefloor will be empty. Think about your guests - who's coming? What will they enjoy? Look at the band too. Do they love what they're playing? Do they look the part for your wedding? Do you think they could keep everyone entertained? Yes? GREAT! - Terrible Acoustics at the venue So, you've got an incredible band (Next Level Allstars, let's say!) but the room they have to play in sounds like a cave, and you can't really make out what they're playing. DISASTER! There's a very simple test you can do when you're searching out venues. Go into the middle of the room and clap. Listen to how the clap sounds. Does it echo? Does it sound like a bathroom? Like a church? The less echo or "reverb", the better the band will sound in the room. Problem solved! - Letting people just "wing it" on their speeches Speeches are crucial. They should be well prepared and well rehearsed. All too often, someone will have had a little too much to drink and waffle on and on. Nobody wants that. Short and sweet, less is more. Try not to be too nosey, but make sure everyone knows that their speech should be an absolute maximum of 10-15 minutes. Slideshows are GREAT - just make sure that there's someone there to make sure everything technical is working, has chargers etc so that it can all run seemlessly. There you have it! Our Top 5 worst mistakes that wedding planners make, all the time.

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