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The 5 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Planning a Wedding (and how to avoid them)

The 5 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Planning a Wedding (and how to avoid them) Master of Ceremonies Having a master of ceremonies is CRUCIAL at any successful wedding. Without one, guess who ends up running around sorting things out all day? The Bride and Groom, of course! That’s a horrible way for you to spend what’s supposed to be the best day of your lives. A good MC will have your timetable of events and will be in charge of announcing each one, then herding your guests to the next activity. Dead Time So your ceremony was wonderful, but you finished early. There’s an hour until the next activity. Everyone’s standing around like lemons. Nightmare! Have contingency activities, snacks and of course some drinks to smooth over any unforeseen dead time. Let your MC know the plan beforehand and everything will seem as if it was planned, leaving you in peace to enjoy a fairytale wedding without a care in the world. Hungry, Thirsty Guests Weddings are LONG, most of them starting the ceremony around lunch time and not ending until much later that evening or night. People will need to be fed throughout the day, much sooner than you think. Appetisers & miniature foods are a great thing to have floating around during photography time and any other times when a lot of guests may not be busy during the day. A few hours after the main meal, it’s becoming increasingly more popular to serve a miniature meal, for example burgers, fries, tapas, a cold buffet. All of these ideas are sure to keep your guests happy, maximising their enjoyment of your big day. Awful Entertainment The day’s gone perfectly so far. The ceremony was beautiful, the speeches were both moving and hilarious, the meal was divine. Suddenly an awful racket can be heard from the end of the room. What on earth is that dreadful noise? It’s your wedding band. It turns out that the audio they had on their video wasn’t recorded live - it was heavily doctored and autotuned to make them sound much better than they are. Nightmare! Now you have to put up with this noise all night. How can you avoid this? Check with bands that you’re booking. Have your musicians played for any big name artists? Was your audio recorded LIVE? Has it been doctored in any way? Is there autotune on the track? Are there instruments added in that don’t feature in the band? Next Level Music guarantees that all audio in their videos is 100% live. No tricks, no autotune. Just GREAT musicians who play with passion. Trying to Please Everyone Your Mum likes Elvis. Your Dad loves Coldplay. You like Justin Timberlake, but your sister hates him. Your uncle is a big fan of the Clash and your best friend loves Skrillex. You can’t please everyone. Everyone is there to celebrate YOUR love. This is YOUR day and it’s the one time in your life you get to be a bit selfish. Choose things based on what you want, and what you think will be the most fun for the most people. Too many times Brides and Grooms try to please everyone, so they’ll take a song request from every person and get a DJ to play all of them. This makes for a very disjointed evening, switching moods every 3 minutes and having the majority of people not enjoying the evening for most of the time. If you book a band or DJ that you love, the chances are that most of your guests will love it too. Anyone who’s not 100% into it will probably get with the program anyway - after all, it’s your big day! A drink or two certainly helps too! Being Predictable Ok. This is tip number 6, but who doesn't love a freebie? DON'T. BE. BORING! This isn't the first wedding ever, and it won't be the last. Make your big day a memorable one. Be quirky, splash out, be adventurous! You're only doing this once, make it something you'll smile about for years to come! #weddingplanner #weddingDJ #weddingbandsuk #weddingentertainment #blog #weddingblog #weddingadvice #londonwedding #surreywedding #commonmistakes #weddingnightmare #weddingsussex #nextlevelmusic

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