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Welcome to our blog — here you'll find testimonials, helpful articles, news about the band and what we've been up to, frequently asked questions (FAQs) and much more!

Our aim is to invite you in to our world, to get to know us, how we work and what we're about. You'll see us performing at luxury weddings, corporate events and destination weddings around the world in our blog posts.

We hope you enjoy the Next Level Music Blog.

Grittenham Barn - Sussex Wedding

Crocodile Done Deal were asked to play at Carrie & Alex's wedding on the 20th of December 2015 at Grittenham Barn in West Sussex. The band had never played at the venue before and arrived not knowing what to expect. On arrival they found a wedding in full flow, pleasantly surprised by the rarity of excellent acoustics in the building, great lighting and layout. The barn is essentially one long room, but there's a small dividing wall near the bar area, which creates a feeling of being near the dancefloor, even when you're at the bar - a big plus when a lot of venues have bars in seperate rooms, or far too close to the dancing areas. The newlyweds were charming and the guests were full of cheer - they were a fantastic bunch to play to from start to finish. The staff were friendly and helpful, which allowed everything to run on time and without any hitches. We highly recommend Grittenham Barn - a delightful rustic country wedding venue. #wedding #grittenham #barn #dance #sparklers #ideas #venue #dress #entertainment #band #crocodile #done #deal #amazing #outstanding #best #music

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