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Welcome to our blog — here you'll find testimonials, helpful articles, news about the band and what we've been up to, frequently asked questions (FAQs) and much more!

Our aim is to invite you in to our world, to get to know us, how we work and what we're about. You'll see us performing at luxury weddings, corporate events and destination weddings around the world in our blog posts.

We hope you enjoy the Next Level Music Blog.

Entertainment Ideas for Your Wedding

It can be difficult to imagine exactly how your day will pan out. Don't worry, we've got your back! Here's an example of a typical entertainment schedule for a wedding, to inspire you for your big day. Wedding Ceremony 1pm - Pianist plays as Bride and Groom down the aisle & softly during ceremony

Drinks & Apperitifs 2pm - A string quartet plays in the background, or puts on a more impressive show while guests enjoy champagne & h'orderves

Wedding Photos 3pm - DJ plays a playlist of your favourite songs, bringing good vibrations to your heirlooms in-the-making.

Wedding Breakfast/Dinner 4pm - The Lauren Johnson Quartet (for example) plays a dinner set while the happy couple enjoy their first meal as man and wife, with all their best friends and relatives there to celebrate and soak up the atmosphere.

Speeches 6pm - No wedding would be complete without speeches. Some heartwarming sentiment and some hilarious stories will set the mood for the rest of the evening. Drinks, Games & Paper Sky Lanterns 7pm - DJ plays some of the couple's favourite pre-party tunes

First Dance 8pm - The Next Level Show Band play the newlyweds' chosen first dance. Bride and Groom are centre stage, loved ones watching adoringly as they declare their love. Time to dance! 8.05pm - The Next Level Show Band play an hour of perfectly danceable tunes. The dance floor is full, everyone having a great time.

Switch it up 9.05pm - DJ keeps the dance floor pumping as the band take a short break.

Time to take it to the Next Level! 9.30pm - Next Level Show Band step it up a gear, with another hour long floor filling fiesta

DJ takes it away 10.30pm - Next Level Show Band finish their set & the DJ keeps the groove going. Some serious shapes are being thrown on the dance floor. Carriages 11.30pm - All good things must come to an end. Your chariot awaits you. Everyone leaves, talking about what an incredible day they had, and how happy the newlyweds looked all day. #entertainment #ideas #wedding #band #bands #ceremony #drinks #apperitifs #photographer #NextLevelAllstars #londonpartyband #weddingbanduk #uk #functionbandsurrey #weddingbands #DJs #weddingDJ #paperlanterns #sky #games #firstdance #dancing #carriages #weddingideas #weddinadvice #weddinghacks #weddingtips

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