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5 biggest mistakes to avoid when booking a live band

5 biggest mistakes to avoid when booking a live band So you’re organising an event and you’ve decided that a live band is the way to go for the music; now what? The trick is to book a high quality band whose look and music is a good fit for the event and for the audience. Doing this requires some thought and effort on your part; but it’ll all be worth it in the long run. Think about the alternative; you end up with music that isn’t the right standard, is too loud, is too intrusive, is too niche. All of these can be a real headache (literally in some cases), if you want your event to be remembered for the right reasons. We want this to happen for you, so we’ve got some tips about what to avoid when you’re hiring a live band for your event. Before you read our tips we have a very important point to make; it isn’t so much a tip as a necessity. Booking a live band costs money and you need to be realistic with your budget. No amount of tips is going to help you hire the right band if you’re not prepared to pay a competitive rate to secure quality. Just how “live” are they? This is a really important question. There’s nothing quite like the vibe created by authentically live music. Any decent band nowadays will have a promotional video, but is it recorded live? Or is it pre-recorded, mymed and auto-tuned? Some people argue that pre-recording and auto tuning both make for a better quality end product; but do they? The sound may appear to be more perfect but does it have the soul, passion and uniqueness of a live and unaltered performance? Above all else, you need to know that the band can actually play like they sound on their demos - check that the band you're hearing was recorded LIVE, otherwise you may be listening to a very talented audio engineer on the demo and be let down on your big day by a band that sounds nothing like their demo. Is that an attitude problem you have? Organising an event is stressful enough as it is; we feel your pain. The last thing you need is to have to worry about the attitude of the band you hire. You should always avoid musicians who you think may be a problem to work with. It doesn’t matter whether they have an inflated ego, or are unreasonably demanding, you can do without the hassle. Always look to hire reliable professionals with a good attitude. It’s all about the music This may sound really obvious; after all you are hiring a band. It’s not as simple as that though. Any good quality band will play a set at your event; but how well will that set be received? We have experienced plenty of people who have chosen a band that represents music they love; well at least that guarantees one person will be impressed. Remember, it’s not all about you; you have to think about the people attending the event. Weddings are generally attended by a pretty eclectic mix of people, so you’ll probably want to hire a band with a wide ranging set list, so you have all bases covered. At a business event you may want music for the background, such as lounge/dinner music or Jazz. You should never choose a band without considering the audience; that’s just a recipe for disaster. Checking out the reputation Never book a band just because you think they are going to be great; you always need to have something to support your decision. By this we mean something solid; you can’t always trust everything you read on the Internet and you can’t always rely on the word of a friend. You should always do your research before you book a band; look for a variety of reviews from reputable sources. Remember, this is your neck on the line; it’s your party or event that’s going to be remembered for the “horrendous music” if you don’t get your decision right. Does the band suit the audience? No matter how good they are, it’s probably not a good idea to book a band that’s going to alienate half the people at your event just by the way they look or act. Remember that different generations can have very different ideas about appearance. What looks cool to you may not go down well with your Nan and her friends. It may be your wedding reception or party but you want to make sure that everyone has a good time. We did say that hiring a live band for your event needs some thought from you and we weren’t lying. Have a look at all out tips and hopefully you’ll end up with an amazing live band that keeps everyone entertained. #booking #bands #weddingbanduk #mistakes #5biggestmistakes #blog #advice #howto #quality #livemusicuk #live #autotune #attitude #audience #londonpartyband #party #weddings

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