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10 Things You REALLY Don't Need At Your Wedding - How To Find Money For The Big Things

Creating the perfect wedding can be tricky - where should the money be spent? In our professional opinion, you need the BIG 5:





-Photo & Video

We chose these 5 because these are they things you'll remember, and that's what the day's about, right? Memories of your big day, together. Here are our top 10 things you can save money on, so you can put more into the BIG 5 things that matter the most, to make your wedding as memorable and impressive as possible.

1. A Wedding Planner

Gone are the days when the rolodex was king. With the advent of the internet we have everything at our fingertips. It's no longer nearly as difficult to plan an incredible wedding independently. Don't be afraid to ask people for help either - you'll be surprised how much people want to help you out and be more of a part of your wedding than you first thought.

2. A Bank Breaking Cake The cutting of the cake has to be one of the biggest anti-climaxes at any wedding. This geriatric tradition isn't exciting, nor do the photographs ever come out looking epic. There are several ways to avoid paying thousands of pounds on a wedding cake... Make your own. Try shop bought cakes. Ask a friend or relative to make one for you as a gift.

3. Designer Clothing With the rise of celebrity culture, there's a big push towards keeping up with the Kardashians, but the reality is that they don't even pay for their designer wedding clothes. So why would you expect to? Nobody can see the label anyway! There are some incredible garments out there that don't break the bank, check out Instagram, Etsy and Pinterest for ideas. You'll be surprised what a small fraction of your original budget you can spend on your perfect Wedding wear.

4. Flower Wall

These can cost an astronomical amount of money, and really... what for? A background for a few photos? Save it for your entertainment, or your honeymoon! Those are the memories you'll really cherish forever!

5. Gifts for each other

Unless you're overflowing with cash, do you really need to get each other a gift? You're already getting the best gift ever - each other! Plus an awesome Wedding Reception to celebrate each other - that's plenty!

6. Aisle Runner Similar to the flower wall, an aisle runner seems like a great idea, but actually it can often trip people up, costs an incredible amount of money and won't be remembered years after your wedding. Another great saving!

7. Post Wedding Brunch You've just paid for the best day ever. Now you're doing it again? Let someone else throw you a brunch as a gift if they want to, but you've done plenty! You're likely to have a sore head the day after your wedding anyway, so for us Brunch can go too!

8. Save The Dates There are great alternatives to sending paper save the dates. Paperless post, , Whatsapp, email - or, just wait until you send your invitations!

9. Menus Following on from Save The Dates, you can send out a menu on the back of your invitations, or list it online at - no need to print extra items to clutter the tables at your wedding. People can choose their meals well in advance - this is very common and no biggy!

10. Favours

Save yourself some money and a lot of thinking time. Nobody cares if you give them favours or not - you're giving them an awesome day, a lovely meal and a party - that's plenty! They won't mind a bit if they have to miss out on some tiny chocolates or some nuts in a bag, trust us!

BONUS Ok, we definitely said 10 ways to save money... But here are some bonus items you can save on

A Dance Floor Your guests may have had a few drinks by the time it comes to dancing, but they're not dummies - they'll know where to go to dance! A dance floor takes a long time to set up after your meal and serves almost no purpose. Ditch it and save yourselves time and money!

L-O-V-E Letters Ok, these are actually lovely BUT they have become a very over-popular item at weddings. Will you miss them, really? Na, didn't think so! You can save a good chunk of money (and space!) by not having these letters that'll only realistically be used for 1 photo. Money cash for your entertainment and your honeymoon!

A Guestbook This is a very antiquated tradition that ends up collecting dust in your attic or on your book shelf. With photographers and videographers there's really no need for an expensive guest book that most people don't end up signing anyway! #weddingideas #weddingtips #savingmoney #honeymoon #weddingbudget #weddinginspo #weddinginspiration #wedluxe #wedluxe #venue #entertainment #soulband #motownband #videographer #weddingplanner #weddingplanning #weddingcake #designerweddingdress #flowerwall #gifts #aislerunner #flowers #weddingbrunch #savethedates #menus #favours #loveletters #guestbook #dancefloor #dancefloor

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