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Our Pro Tips for late 2020 and 2021 Weddings

Covid-19 has taken us all by surprise and tragically disrupted so many parts of our lives, including hundreds of weddings & events.

Couples & planners are having to reschedule their original dates to either later in 2020 or to dates in 2021, which is making next year a tricky one to navigate.

We want to share our industry knowledge with you to help reduce stress & disappointments. Here are our top tips:

The Early Bird

With 2 years worth of events trying to squeeze into 1 year, 2021 is getting booked up much quicker than it normally would. It really is all about the early bird catching the worm at this stage, so get your enquiries in to your venues & suppliers as soon as you possibly can to avoid missing out!

Popular Guests

It’s not only suppliers & venues who’ll be booked up, your guests will be receiving twice as many invitations next year! Get them out early to make sure all your loved ones can be with you on your big day!

It’s a Celebration!

People are going to be so ready to celebrate after the lockdown is lifted! What an opportunity! Make sure you’ve got incredible entertainment & plenty to drink - your guests will be ready to celebrate like never before.

Make sure you check out some of the entertainment we have to offer, especially the Next Level Show Band - their interactive performances and inclusive set lists will have everyone on the dance floor having the time of their lives!

Go Big!

The lockdown is a great opportunity to save that little bit extra, or set up payment plans with suppliers so you can really splash out! You’re only doing this once and you won’t miss the money while you’re treasuring the memories of the best day ever!

Think Different

Chances are that a lot of your guests will be attending several weddings in 2021. Do you want yours to be forgettable? Of course not! Think outside the box with your catering, it doesn’t have to be a certain type of food - there are plenty of dry hire catering companies that provide all sorts, from Italian to Indian, Chinese to Turkish, French to English - you really can choose whatever you want. Make it FUN. Make it MEMORABLE.

A personal tip from our wedding

We like to think we invented this one. It’s called Find Your Face, Find Your Place.

Instead of a seating plan, get some shot glasses & photos of your guests from years ago. An awkward school photo, something hilarious from uni - you get the idea. The shot glasses are filled with spirits, then the photos are placed on top of the glasses, as shown in the photos. Guests have to find their face, drink their shot, then turn their photo over to reveal their table number.

This is an incredible ice breaker to get different groups of friends & family chatting and having fun together early in the day.

Live Music

Music isn’t just for the evening. Your whole day can be lifted by sweet sweet music, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Your ceremony can be enhanced 10 fold with a gospel choir, string quartet, saxophonist or pianist - all depending on the mood you’re dreaming of.

Your drinks reception can be made to flow with a cool quartet band, or create excitement with an acoustic roaming band. This is your day - make it unforgettable!

Continue the magic through dinner with a soul band playing downtempo versions of all your favourite songs - magic!

Then, of course, put the cherry on top - dazzle your guests with the incredible Next Level Show Band, creating a raucous party atmosphere for you and yours to dance the night away, a truly unforgettable night. What more could you want for your big day?

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